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Real Couples Movies

Real Couples Movies

Realcouples.co.uk isn't a pornsite anymore as much as it is a cultural movement. British couples line up in the streets to be featured on this hot amateur website. Here's the premise: A couple contacts the production crew at Real Couples. The couple can be a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or just a fling. All that matters is that the couple is wild and ready to be on camera. The Real Couples crew comes in and films their lives for a day. They get interviewed about how they met and even go through some family photos and a house tour together. Once the preliminary introductions are done, the real action starts. nWhat does the real action entail? Well, that depends on what the couple's personality is like. All the scenes end up being very hardcore but the scenarios change from day to day. Sometimes the lovers are shy at first while other times they're totally wild and crazy from the start. There's really no standard sex scene when it comes to this site which I think is a great thing.

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Real Couples Movies

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